Private Coaching



Benefits of a 90 minute shared lesson:

Tennis is a very difficult sport and requires hours on court, playing an extra 30 minutes could help you/your child an enormous amount over time. Each player will have 45 minutes spent focused on them, with the other 45 minutes practicing what they have learnt. If player A has the first 45 minutes of coaching in week 1 then player B will receive the first 45 minutes in week 2 and so on.
Other benefits include:

  • A competitive edge - we all learn better, faster and focus more when we are being pushed by a fellow competitor 
  • Doubles practice- Doubles is the game that we tend to play a lot of in future years for adult club teams. It is a great social game and a sport that can be played for as long as your body can move!
  • Social - Encourages social skills
  • Matchplay - I would like all of my players to take part in more matchplay. This way we can create matchplay much easier by playing against an opponent similar to who you will meet within a tournament.