We offer classes for every level, and classes become busier we add extra coaches and coaching assistants to the lesson so everyone can get the individual attention they need. The only way to guarantee your place is to pay for the full term.


Tots Tennis & Parents

9:15am - 10am

10:15am - 11am

Held indoors at East Goscote Village Hall

Tots & Parents is for children aged 2 to 4 years old and enables them, with the aid of their adult, to learn the basics and how to enjoy the game through a series of fun activities, based on the fundamental areas of balance, co-ordination, agility, movement and racket and ball skills.  

Players can receive stickers as reward and recognition for trying hard, achieving certain skills and working well with others in the group

Mini Red 4-8 Years

Mondays, Thursdays
4pm - 5pm

9am - 10am

Mini Tennis Red is for players aged 8 and under. It is played on small courts with short rackets and soft balls. It’s just like the real game and gives players opportunities to have long rallies and play different types of shots

There is also the chance to Earn Your Stripes through the Mini Tennis Red Rally Awards.

Mini Orange 8-9 Years

4pm - 5pm

10am - 11am

Mini Tennis Orange is a great way for players to continue their progress from Mini Tennis Red and is for players aged 8 and 9. It is played with shorter rackets, softer balls and courts are bigger and wider than the red stage but still smaller than full-size tennis courts allowing players to develop a rounded game whilst learning a range of techniques and tactics.

It is the next stage before playing on a full sized court and helps players develop different shots and tactics.

There is also the chance to Earn Your Stripes through the Mini Tennis Orange Rally Awards.

Mini Green 9-10 Years

5pm - 6pm

10am - 11am

Mini Tennis Green is a great way for players to continue their progress from Mini Tennis Orange. It is played on a full size tennis court, with bigger rackets and balls which are a little softer than yellow balls. It’s the next stage before moving on to full compression yellow balls on a full sized court.

There is also the chance to Earn Your Stripes through the Mini Tennis Green Rally Awards.


Yellow Ball 10+ Years

5pm - 6pm

12pm - 1pm

Once you reach the age of 10 you are now able to play the full ball and court game.  Here players will continue to develop and improve all aspects of their game. 

Adult Intermediatte 

7pm - 8pm

Rusty rackets is great if you have never played tennis before, or haven't played in a long time. It runs all through the year and is an easy and fun way for adult beginners to get into the game or improve their skills.

Cardio Tennis 16+ Years


Cardio tennis does not require tennis skills, instead it’s all about keeping your heart rate up, burning calories and having fun to up-tempo music on a tennis court. 

Ladies Morning

9am – 10am coaching
10am - 11am social doubles

This is an excellent social tennis morning providing a great mix of coaching and doubles play for all abilities.  Players have a choice between attending for the full 2 hours tennis followed by coffee or just 1 of the 2 sessions.


Junior Clubnight - Members


For junior members who would like to attend a free session where they can play matches and fun games.

Adult Clubnight - Members

6pm – 9pm

Full adult members only. Play doubles in a fun social environment. A great chance to meet and play with/against fellow members

Disability Tennis


Tuesdays, Thursdays
2pm – 3pm

From deaf tennis and visually impaired tennis to wheelchair tennis and learning disability tennis, there is a great range of tennis programmes available for players..


6pm – 7pm, 7pm - 8pm, 8pm - 9pm

1pm - 2pm, 2pm - 3pm, 3pm - 4pm

Players can book a hitting session with one of our top junior players or our first team men's captain.  This is a great opportunity for players to practice what they have learnt in their lessons and improve match play.