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It all started when…

Hi and welcome to Syston Northfields tennis club. My name is Edd Whetton and I am the Head Coach at Syston Northfields Tennis Club and the founder of All Inclusive Tennis. I am writing this so you can associate with myself, my coaching team and last but definitely not least….the tennis club - I wouldn’t coach just anywhere!

I have been the Head Coach at Syston Northfields for 6 years now and the club has grown from strength to strength, and so has the coaching team and players. After a couple of years I decided to create a business name and chose All Inclusive Tennis. The reason for choosing ‘All In’ was down to my passion for inclusive sport. I feel that sport should be accessible for all, it just happens that my main sport is tennis. Continue reading and you will find out why I have this passsion….

At the age of 5 I was diagnosed with Legg–Calvé–Perthes disease (fancy name huh). In short, Perthes disease is a childhood hip disorder initiated by a disruption of blood flow to the head of the femur. Due to the lack of blood flow, the bone dies and stops growing. I spent 18 months in a wheelchair not able to walk or run, followed by 18 months on crutches. By the age of 10 I was playing tennis and you wouldn’t have known I had spent 3 years not being able to walk unaided, and having to learn to walk again at the age of 8! I represented Leicester from 12U all the way through to 18U, travelling the country playing in tournaments which my older brother also played in. When I turned 18 I underwent 7 major leg realigning operations on both legs. This left me near enough bed bound for those 4 years, no tennis, no university and no work. Once recovered I was taken on as an apprentice with GSM leisure where I spent 1 year training up before taking on the role as Head Coach at Syston Northfields.

2 years ago at the age of 27 and 3/4 (like Harry Potter) I had my first total hip replacement (not a little one like a certain Sir that we know)! I had been struggling for most of my time at Syston with constant pain in my hips due to the realigning not really working (4 years I will never get back). I had the first replacement in March and I was back on court for the Easter Camps (walking with a funny limp). In the October I had my other hip replaced followed 5 days later with Sepsis and 4 days in intensive care…joyful.

If you managed to read all of that without dropping off then you may see why I run 4 disability groups each week and have a strong passion to really increase that number.

My strong tennis past and top coaching qualifications allow me to also take the performance players on the journey that they want to go on, as well as beginner, rusty, cardio and improver sessions (to name a few).

I couldn’t do any of this without the support of my super team. I feel that I have the perfect coaches working with me, all of whom follow my ethos. Thank you for reading, I look forward to meeting you in person.