We hold a members only club tournament each year.

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Monday 6th August - Saturday 11th August
Closing date

The club is very competitive in the county tennis leagues, therefore the club tournament is always of a very high standard throughout.  A great atmosphere is created, especially on finals day where we have a BBQ going all afternoon and a buffet in the evening.  The committee cook food every night of the tournament and all matches are scheduled by head coach and referee Edd Whetton. Presentation evening Saturday 25th August

Men's singles £5                                    
Men's doubles - Enter with a partner £5                     
Men's doubles drawn - Partner given £5                            
Ladies singles £5                                           
Ladies drawn doubles £5                            
Mixed Doubles - Partner changes each match £5                                 
Vets 45+ men's singles £5
Vets 55+ men's singles £5

Mini red 4-6 Years £5 - Friday 5th 10am-12pm (finals on Saturday 11th)
Mini red 7-8 Years £5 - Friday 5th 10am-12pm (finals on Saturday 11th)
Mini orange U9 £5 - Friday 5th 3pm-5pm (finals on Saturdays 11th)
Mini green U10 £5 - Friday 5th 12:30pm-2:30pm (finals on Saturday 11th)

The following will run during the week between 4pm and 7pm with the finals being played on Saturday 11th August
U12 Boys £5
U12 Girls £5
U14 Girls £5
U16 Boys £5
U18 Boys £5



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